PeopleWorks provides custom coaching tailored to fit the specific challenges facing any business. Master Coach Jean Maxwell combines his training as a psychotherapist with his experience counseling mental health professionals, hardened inmates and driven entrepreneurs to help the modern executive craft a cohesive culture that unlocks their company’s human potential for productivity and personal development.


Our unique interview process identifies the organizational and human dynamics driving a company’s most persistent problems. PeopleWorks’ one-on-one consulting provides a thoughtful balance of dialogue and diagnosis to help leadership teams and executives take the next steps in their personal and professional development.


In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice, they’re not. Training without practice is a waste of dollars, resources and time. All PeopleWorks training sessions include hands-on executive workshops that help companies ingrain progress into practice. These interactive seminars and training modules provide lasting value by correcting the course of a company’s culture.

The PeopleWorks guarantee: Boilerplate is boring. We don’t do one-size-fits-all. At PeopleWorks, we don’t pretend to know what’s holding your business back before we ever walk in the door.