Coaching means diagnosing underlying problems for performance. We find and cure the problems that people really have through a unique Coaching Leadership Training.

PeopleWorks coaching is unique because Master Coach Jean Maxwell truly understands the human dimension and its relation to business. Harnessing this skill, he can help foster the changes needed to help people develop the skills to think, act and perform like leaders. His fierce coaching method helps leaders develop accountability, drive productivity and harness motivation to create a thriving business culture.

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

We help you see the problem behind the problem. Too many consultants bring out-of the box solutions that don’t address the root cause problems and only address the symptoms. When we consult, we consult problems. Consulting is designed to discover core problems and developing strategies for solving and fixing organizational issues that inhibit productivity and performance.

Training efforts fail because they are delivered like a fast food menu without much selection or choice, repeated hundreds of times, all with same end product.

None are attached to the unique wants and needs of the folks who want to learn, grow and succeed. At PeopleWorks, we focus on providing tremendous take-home value to all of our participants. None of our programs are delivered with an out-of-the-box product, each one is specifically tailored and unique to you and your business needs.We use our proprietary Performance Enhancement Process to design and deliver these one of a kind workshops and seminars that drive bottom line outcome and productivity.