Coaching means diagnosing underlying problems for performance. We find and cure the problems that people really have through a unique Coaching Leadership Training.

PeopleWorks coaching is unique because Master Coach Jean Maxwell truly understands the human dimension and its relation to business. Harnessing this skill, he can help foster the changes needed to help people develop the skills to think, act and perform like leaders. His fierce coaching method helps leaders develop accountability, drive productivity and harness motivation to create a thriving business culture.

Need a leadership make-over? PeopleWorks offers clients two personalized coaching courses to help business leaders boost their company’s motivation and productivity by reformulating their own thinking and approach. “The Successful Coach” covers the basics of effective coaching, and “Advanced Coaching for Transformation” works to bring about a fundamental change in energy, focus and behavior of both Player and Coach. Leaders often struggle with bridging the gaps between employees. PeopleWorks also offers a leadership course on dealing with Generational Gaps and Issues in the workplace.