Training efforts fail because they are delivered like a fast food menu without much selection or choice, repeated hundreds of times, all with same end product. None are attached to the unique wants and needs of the folks who want to learn, grow and succeed.

At PeopleWorks, we focus on providing tremendous take-home value to all of our participants. None of our programs are delivered with an out-of-the-box product, each one is specifically tailored and unique to you and your business needs.We use our proprietary Performance Enhancement Process to design and deliver these one of a kind workshops and seminars that drive bottom line outcome and productivity.

Some critical areas our clients use us for are:

1. Motivation and Productivity 5. Conflict Resolution
2. Communication 6. Team Building
3. Generational Issues
7. Leadership Development
4. Time Management

PeopleWorks specializes in generational issues, crisis management training, coaching leadership training, change management training, professional development training and management development to give businesses the tools, techniques and skills they need to create a more effective and productive work environment.

Some recent popular and powerful workshops include:

Motivation and Productivity: “Your Grandfather’s Motivation Strategies Not Working Anymore?”

Communication Strategies: “What You Heard Is Not What I Said, What’s Wrong With You?”


Profiting Between Generations: “Life Would Be Wonderful if I Could Only Harness All of These People Differences.”

Time Management: “I Don’t Have Enough Time to do Everything, Now You’re Asking Me to do More with Less?”

Conflict Resolution: “If You Would Just Make These Other Folks Behave, Everything Would Be Alright.”

Team Building: “Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful If We Could Get All of These Mules Pulling In the Same Direction?”

Leadership Development: “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way!”