On Saturday October 1st, Vistage Chair, Speaker and Human Capital Facilitator, Jean Maxwell, was in San Diego presenting to Rosemary Paetow’s Vistage CE3046 Group Retreat. Jean’s topic was, “Journey…getting back to you”. This presentation is based on the journaling process and the book of the same name authored by Jean in 2008. You may learn more about the journal and process at: http://www.journalwithin.com

After the video and a short discussion, one of the CEO’s said, “I get the idea about being in and out of balance; it’s a normal part of life. I’m a bottom-line kind of guy, so what?” Jean asked how many of the CEO’s in the room had a similar experience/attitude. A significant number raised their hands.

At that point, Jean drew a standard organizational chart (CEO, five direct reports, multiple reports to those, etc.) Then he turned the chart upside down and asked the following questions:

1.    What happens in your company when you get out of balance?

2.    What are the bottom-line implications?

3.    How about if it’s one of your direct report?

From the discussion that followed, the negative implications and consequences were immediately apparent. The balancing power of the journaling process became a much different proposition for these bottom-line CEO’s. What do you learn when you turn your org chart upside down?

During the presentation, Jean used the following YouTube video to demonstrate getting in and out of balance with oneself.